The Internet is Weird

I started creating and posting videos for the Warrendale (Detroit) Blog, which is the other blog that I author that focuses on the Warrendale neighborhood in Detroit. I think it's interesting to see which videos people watch the most.

I shot this short video that simply shows a few kids playing in a fire hydrant. I didn't set out to make it. I was just out taking care of a few things, saw them doing it, and turned on my cell phone video camera.

I didn't even do anything to promote it. I just uploaded it and embedded it into a blog post.

The thing is that short, quick video that I put almost no thought into at all has gotten three times as many views as the ones that I thought for certain would rack up huge hits. I thought my video of the protest rallies surrounding the proposed closure of 77 parks in Detroit would get some decent traffic.

However, in spite of the fact that I did a lot more to promote that video and it was a hotter topic, the video of kids playing in a fire hydrant has been getting almost three times as much traffic. This has simply led me to conclude that the internet is weird and it's largely unpredictable.


Hmmm...I watched them both-maybe it's the more positive emotions associated with children playing...? Or, maybe people heard about it and were trying to see if they recognized anyone...? Yeah, the internet is weird...
FrankNemecek said…

Words, you are a genius. Of course, people are more attractive to something with a positive feeling.

Why didn't I think of that?

Thank you!

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