This Is Why I'm Single

I spend a fair amount of time on Facebook. One of my friends, Hockey Dino, loves to post questions for discussion on his page.

Yesterday, he posted the question:
How does one deal with the raging hormones of a woman? Is there a secret women aren't telling men? Us men want to know.
Most people responded with one variation of flowers, chocolate, or some other such gift. My response was a simple one, though still quite different.

I chimed in to say that  I usually respond to raging hormones by telling the woman in question to go make me a sandwich.

Of course, I added that this response likely explains why I'm still single.

I have to admit that I was surprised by the number of people, almost all of whom were female, who clicked the "like comment" option on that one. It's nice to know that my odd sense of humor is still appreciated.

Sarcasm: It's not just for jury duty questionnaires anymore.


The truth is that we don't even have a clue about us. One time, chocolate will work, another-it could get you slapped (we might be feeling really bad about how we look and chocolate adds pounds to the neg. self image and men should know that!). My husband has learned to avoid me, keep skittles and Reese's pieces on hand, as well as a sarcastic sense of humor. It's a roulette game trying to figure out which one is gonna work...good luck!
I dunno: I always thought 'raging hormones' was an excuse that woman use just becuase we can. I've never had a problem with them. Great sense of humor, man!

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