Why Gorgeous Girls are Happier with Plain Guys

Kristen Haglund Needs My Advice
I found an article on-line recently from The Daily Mail. It makes the argument that beautiful women are often much happier when they are involved with plain looking guys than they would be if with they were similarly involved with a more attractive hunk of a man.

This article was based on research that was conducted at the University of Tennessee and later published in the Journal of Family Psychology. Researchers studied the attractiveness of various couples and then cross-referenced it with surveys that each couple completed in which they rated their own marital happiness.

The results were quite conclusive. Women who were attractive, but married to plain-looking guys, reported having a marriage that was much happier and more full-filling than similarly attractive women who were married to attractive men.

Rachel Nichols Needs It, Too
I don't know about anyone else, but I suddenly have this urge to send copies of this ground breaking research to beautiful single women everywhere. Kirsten Haglund who is single, as far as I know. Rachel Nichols who is recently divorced from her attractive ex-husband. Sienna Miller who has this on again, off again relationship with the incredibly attractive Jude Law.

They all need to hear about this one.

In fact, I believe that every beautiful woman in the world needs to know about this research. It's my mission to spread this news to those who need to hear it the most.

It's not that I happen to be a rather plain looking guy myself. That, I can assure everyone, is purely a coincidence.

Sienna Miller Needs It As Well
I'm only concerned about the long-term happiness of these poor, beautiful women. They simply don't know the kind of happiness that they are missing out on.

I'm a giver, you see.

This is my cause.


You know, I'm stumped. I can't think of a single clever or smart a** thing to say. You got me this time. *white flag* and *shaking my head with a grin*
FrankNemecek said…

Some times, there's simply no need.

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