Overheard at Church

My church is only half a mile from Ford Field, home of the mighty Detroit Lions.

Christians vs. Lions
Shortly before services began this morning, as the streets of downtown Detroit were rapidly filling with fans on their way to the game, one of my fellow parishioners made the off-hand comment that it would not normally be a good idea for Christians to be so close to a group of Lions.

However, these are the Detroit Lions.

It actually took me a second to get that joke.

Oh, well - as if on cue, the Lions went on to lose to the New York Jets 23 - 20 this afternoon.


Oh my gosh, that's funny! Especially since I live in NC and their team is the Panthers. One of my facebook friends referred to them today as kitties. Must not be a good year for sports-cats!

(I say their team because I'm a Falcon fan. Always have been, always will be. Second team is the Steelers.)

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