Saturday, November 27, 2010

Pierogies, Pierogies, Pierogies

Dozens of Pierogies
There is something truly special about bringing a couple hundred pierogies home. I made a trek to Hamtramck over the weekend. I managed to pick up a couple hundred pierogies in several different flavors - apple, blueberry, cheese, cherry, meat, sour kraut, and potato.

Who wants to stop by my place for dinner?


Shondira said...


The Words Crafter said...

First, I have to find out what it is...?

FrankNemecek said...

@Shondira: How fast can you get over here? My brother and I went through a dozen of them today for dinner.

@Words: Pierogies are a Polish pastry. They can be filled with cheese, potatos, fruit, and such. They are traditionally boiled and then fried and served with sour cream.

They. Are. Yummy.