Recycling Gets Sexy

Continuing with my theme today of posting on things that I haven't had a chance to, I wanted to mention a couple of items that I've seen on-line late. I've noticed a couple of designers using reusing materials to make lingerie and bikinis - essentially giving recycling a sexy twist.

Pink Tab Bikini by Ingrid Goldbloom Bloch
Ingrid Goldbloom Bloch, for example, has produced what she calls the "Pink Tab Bikini". As its name implies, it is a pink bikini that is made entirely of pieces from cans of Tab.

This piece looks very interesting and can imagine the right woman having a lot of fun with it. However, there's a part of me that wonders how comfortable a metal bikini could actually be.

In this regard, I believe one should view her work as art as opposed to a piece of everyday fashion. Her design shows us that there is enormous potential in the things that we throw away. That is important, but it also limits the impact of this design.

Moving away on to things that a woman might actually wear on a regular basis, there is also the denim-clad bikini from Rebecca Butler. This classic cut bikini is fashioned from recycled jeans.

Since it is made out of denim, this probably isn't the most practical of bathing suits to go swimming in. However, I read somewhere that most bikinis never go into any body of water other a washing machine. That makes this less of an issue.

Denim Bikini by Rebecca Butler
I really like the simple elegance of the denim-clad bikini. This is something that I can see a number of women wearing on at least a somewhat regular basis and looking darn good in it, if I may add.

Clothes, after all, are meant to be worn; to be a part of our life. Clothes, I believe, should make a statement. However, they remain silent if they're never worn.

The fact that this design takes something that would normally go into a landfill and gives it new life just makes this design that much more incredible, in my opinion.


Yeah, the metal one would have to be art. Fashion shouldn't hurt that much. But I do like the denim one. You could pair that with a pair of shorts or even jeans and go out and about with it. Neat post :)

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