Living in the Car

The internet has given us a multitude of insane, quirky ideas. Or rather, it allows insane, quirky ideas to spread around the globe.

Case in point: a radio station in New Zealand gave away a Mini Cooper to one of three couples who agreed to live in a Mini for five days. There was a web cam on each car and folks got to vote on which couple would win the car. Of course, one of the contestants was a pair of blonde sisters, Lydia and Bryana O'Donnell who spent the entire five days in nothing but a bikini.

Bikini Blondes Did Not Win
The horror of it all was that the bikini wearing blondes did not win. I guess this means that all of the guys were spending too much time drooling over these girls to vote for them.

Oh, the travesty.


Here's your golden opportunity!

Write them a condolence letter, expressing your outrage and disbelief at their not winning.

Enclose your phone number and home address and invite them over for some sincere comforting.

Since there are two of them, find a buddy who owns a car lot who'll cut them a fantastic deal-you can share!

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