Rachel Nichols Has A Criminal Mind

Rachel Nichols, who I first began obsessing over when she appeared in the G.I. Joe movie, will join the cast of Criminal Minds next season. She will continue to play FBI cadet Ashley Seaver, a character that was originally only supposed to last for three episodes.

I look forward to seeing more of Rachel Nichols.

Popular in Germany
On a related note, the addition of Rachel Nichols to the permanent cast of Criminal Minds is a story that I really didn't even notice at first. There was a huge spike in traffic to my site in recent days. My usual couple dozen visitors per day turned into a few hundred, with many of them coming from Germany.

Thanks to Google Analytics, I was able to learn that much of this traffic came about as a result of a Google Image search for "Rachel Nichols" on Google.de (the German version of Google). My photo of Rachel Nichols from an earlier post ranked fairly high on that particular matrix, which brought a few hundred Germans to my site.

Of course, looking at that photo of Rachel Nichols again, I really can't blame my German visitors for wanting to see it.


"I look forward to seeing more of Rachel Nichols."

Is that a play on words?
FrankNemecek said…
Well, since I can't play on Rachel Nichols, I may as well settle for the next best thing.

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