Natalie Portman's "Inappropriate" Bottom Covered

Not For the Trailer
Natalie Portman will appear this spring in a new film entitled Your Highness. It's from the director of Pineapple Express and tells the comical story of prince who goes on a quest to rescue his kidnapped bride (Portman).

In one particular scene, Natalie Portman is seen wearing what can only charitably called a thong. There really isn't much of a costume there. In fact, about the only thing that is in that costume is proof that she spends a lot of time at the gym.

However, when it came time for Universal Studios to release the trailer for this film, they digitally altered the scene to show Natalie Portman wearing a more modest bikini bottom. She will still wear the more revealing thong in the film, but for the trailer, the studio changed it so that she was wearing something a bit more modest.

Let me repeat myself: the studio changed it so that Natalie Portman is wearing something more modest. Universal Studios actually released a statement saying that it wasn't "appropriate" for such an outfit to be worn in a trailer.

Dressed for the Trailer
Usually, studio executive want to change things so that their actresses are showing more flesh, not less. Universal, however, went the other way and played down Natalie Portman's assets.

(And yes, I did intend to make that pun.)

Anyway, I want to say that when Hollywood is covering up an actress's butt instead of exploiting it like they usually do then it can only serve as proof that we are are living in some strange times, my friends.

Very strange times indeed.

I wonder if this has anything to do with that rumor that the world is going to end next year?


Prudish. What year do they live in anyway?
FrankNemecek said…
I was wondering the same thing myself.

Shall we send them a calendar with the year highlighted?

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