Google for Weddings

She Googled Her Wedding
Google launched Google Weddings recently. It's designed to use the existing free Google tools to simplify wedding planning. Google Docs provides a budget template, Picasa provides photos albums, and so on.

They even have partners like to help find the perfect wedding dress and Google Googles for your smart phone to help brides get more details on things they see in print.

Yes, Google Weddings really does do everything possible to simplify wedding planning. My first reaction is that this just seems a bit odd to use Google to plan a wedding.

However, I'm also painfully aware of the fact that I'm a guy. As such, my first thoughts about weddings in general are to simplify them by running away as quickly as I possibly can.

Unless, of course, there's a cool wedding cake at the reception along with lots and lots of booze.

In which case, that's an all together different story.

Mmm... Cake...


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