Trampoline Coffee Table

Part Trampoline. All Coffee Table.
I saw a trampoline coffee table this afternoon. It's perfect for those individuals who look at the middle of their coffee tables and think, "My God, I wish I could jump up and down on my coffee table."

My life will never again be the same as it was this morning.

The trampoline coffee table by Alberto Bonomi is available here.


All I can think of is the mayhem it could cause....and would end up on youtube!
FrankNemecek said…
Every life needs a little mayhem.
Jake said…
I got one question for this trampoline coffee table. Will you jump on trampoline while you are drinking coffee or after? And one more where will you sit, outside or inside.
Frank said…
I'm not sure, Jake. I guess I'll just have to try all options and report back. ;-)

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