Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!

Today, we commemorate the Feast of St. Valentine - a martyred priest of the early Christian Church who was killed by a pagan king for preforming marriages. In recognition of this, the Catholic Church recognizes him as the Patron Saint of Cheesy Greeting Cards and Overpriced Flowers.

Okay - I might have made up that last part. Regardless, I want to wish everyone a Happy Valentine's Day.


Sorry I'm late! Hope you had fun.

I learned yesterday that lots of people had no idea who St. Valentine was. Incredible!
Stella said…
Poor old St. Valentine was de-sainted back in the '60s at the same time St. Christopher was given his walking papers. But who needs to be on the official saint's calendar when you have your own day on the regular one? :)
FrankNemecek said…
@Words: It's up to folks like us to educate the masses.

@Stella: I'm sure (former) St. Christopher and (former) St. Valentine are ticked at this whole Vatican II thing.

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