My Simple Tastes

My Own, Personal Robot
I'm a man of very simple tastes.

All that I really want is a robot that can go to boring meeting for me, like the new Anybots. It's a simple gadget, the next step in teleconferencing, if you will. My robot will see and hear everything that happens in said meeting and project a (possibly pre-recorded) video image of me on its screen.

It delivers all of the benefits of being in a meeting without actually being in the meeting.

Yes, I'm a man of very simple tastes. All I want is an Anybot.

And a trampoline coffee table.

And my own personal shark sub.

And some of the great t-shirts from Think Geek and Snorgees.

And a beer bottle cooler.

And - well, you get the point.


And Keira. And to rule in the land of Thongs and Bustiers. LOL!!!! It would be good to be King, no?

I have something for you on my blog today.....

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