Philip DeFranco Makes Me Feel Like A Perv

Philip DeFranco, who is one of my favorite YouTubers, posted a question on his Facebook page earlier this week. He asked, what was the best mattress to have sex on? Spring, foam, or water?

I chimed in, sarcastically, to say that the best option was neither - a hammock is infinitely superior. I checked back a little while later and noticed that five people indicated that they liked my comment.

I was pleasantly surprised. Five people liked my oddball sense of humor.

But then I clinked on the link to see who those five people were.

And noticed that four of the five were girls - all either currently in high school or just recently graduated from high school.

Two thoughts came to mind at that point. First, I felt like a pervert for even looking at the Facebook profile of a girl in high school. Second, and perhaps most importantly, I reminded myself once again that if I ever have a daughter, there will be a moat around our house and her internet usage will be strictly monitored.


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