Stripping to Protest Political Corruption in Russia

Back in the 1960s, there were some great political protests in the United States. Ever since then, we've gotten rather lazy at it. A bunch of people, a few signs, a celebrity speaker, maybe a catchy chant if we were lucky. That was pretty much it.

Throughout the Middle East, however, we've seen massive demonstrations that put ours to shame, all organized using the social media platforms that were invented in the United States.

She Doesn't Like Dirty Rats
My personal favorite for a political protest, though, comes from Russia. There have been a multitude of young people over there protesting the political corruption that runs rampant in their country.

One group of young women, however, added an entire new twist to the matter by creating a calendar of themselves protesting in their lingerie. Each month features a different young woman in her underwear with humorous but provocative caption. The one at right, for example, reads "Dirty Rats Are Disgusting."

Another month included a sexy school teacher holding a stern ruler. It's caption read, "I will teach to live without taking bribes."

I can't help but wonder what it would be like if we did something like this in the United States. We certainly have enough things to protest and it would be much more interesting than the protests over President Barack Obama only showing the short-form version of his birth certificate were.


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