Doing What I Can't Explain

Have you ever had this sudden desire to do something, even though you can't explain exactly why you're doing it?

Well, that's what happened to me last night. I had this sudden desire to submit an updated version of my screenplay for The Roswell Chronicles to the Toronto International Film Festival. It will be in their screenplay competition as a feature length science-fiction film.

I didn't have any plans to submit the film when I woke up yesterday. I was doing something completely different with my life when I had a sudden desire to visit Once there, I saw that TIFF was accepting screenplays for consideration and that yesterday was the deadline for regular submissions. At that point, I simply got hit with this desire to submit The Roswell Chronicles that quite overwhelming.

Anyway, I ended up submitting my script just a couple of hours before their deadline. Now, I wait to find out where it will go from here.

Thankfully, I have several other projects in the pipeline to keep my mind busy while I wait.


Hmmmm, sounds interesting! Good luck and kudos for following that inner voice!

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