A Glass Bikini???

Kristin Cavallari in a Glass Bikini
The folks at Diesel rolled out cobalt blue glass bikini for fashion week in Miami. Yes, it's a bikini that is made out of glass.

I presume, of course, that they did this as a publicity stunt because, well, I can't really imagine any woman buying and wearing a bikini that's made out of glass.

And it worked by the way.

A quick check of Google shows that there are 41 million search results for "glass bikini." Almost all of those are for the bikini that Diesel showed in Miami.

Now, I could make a wise crack about how it would take a diamond to cut a bikini like this. However, Kristin Cavallari, the woman who modeled this glass bikini, just announced her engagement so that diamond wisecrack is just well...

I won't go there any farther than I already did.


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