Ron Paul for President

I've been listening to Congressman Ron Paul talk about his campaign for the White House, what he would do if elected, and why we should do such a thing. While I admit that he is consistent and candid in his views, I also have to admit that I've come to the conclusion that there are basically two types of people who support his candidacy.

  1. Those who don't know much about Ron Paul; and
  2. Those who don't know much about history.
For example, he argued that the mortgage crisis came about because we had too much government regulation. That's simply nuts.

The fact of the matter is that we as a nation repealed a multitude of regulations that we designed to prevent such a thing from happening. If we hadn't done so, we still would've had a recession but it wouldn't have reached the levels that it is now nor would the mortgage crisis have ever reached the levels that it has.

Thomas Hobbes remarked more than four hundred years ago that, in its most natural state, the life of man is "solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short." The institutions that Mr. Paul wishes to rip down are the ones that prevent us from slipping back into such a condition.


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