Use of Pepper Spray at Occupy Wall Street Protests

NYPD Patrol Guide 212-95 lists five situations in which an officer in the New York City Police Department may use pepper spray. Pepper spray may be used when a police officer “reasonably believes” that it is necessary to:

  1. Protect himself, or another from unlawful use of force (e.g., assault);
  2. Effect an arrest, or establish physical control of a subject resisting arrest;
  3. Establish physical control of a subject attempting to flee from arrest or custody;
  4. Establish physical control of an emotionally disturbed person; and
  5. Control a dangerous animal by deterring an attack, to prevent injury to persons or animals present.
Quite frankly, I would like to know which one of those five instances existed in the videos below, all of which show NYPD officers using pepper spray on unarmed protesters.

Or in this slightly longer view, from a different angle.

Or in this video that shows both videos simultaneously


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