I Don't Believe Myself Sometimes

There are moments where things come out of my mind that I simply do not believe. This afternoon was the latest example.

A female friend of mine posted on Facebook that was now in her fourth day of dealing with laryngitis. A discuss thus ensued among some of the women about what it must be like for her to communicate with her husband and how he must be responding to this.

I then chimed in to say:
Think of this as a learning exercise. Instead of using your voice to communicate with your husband, use your boobs instead. Once you've mastered this technique, I'm sure you'll find that he listens to you much more.
P.S. Sandwiches often work as well.
It shocks me how utterly obnoxious I can be at times. Granted, everything is my comment is 100% true, but I can still be utterly obnoxious at times.


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