A Fool and His Money...

I was reading one of those other blogs in this town this morning. Reportedly, party promoters Matt A and Michael Zografos are spending $40,000 to build a tent in the Whitney's parking lot. This is, of course, not your average tent since it will have chandeliers, hardwood floors and such.

Some folks are impressed by this. But those are the people who were impressed by the idea of spending an hour standing in line to get a "free" drink and who didn't think that an event with roughly 600 people attending needed to have bathrooms available at it.

Since I've done a fair number of special events in Detroit, I know that on a budget of $10 - $20,000 one can rent:
  • Any of the ballrooms in the Westin Book Cadillac;
  • Colony Club;
  • Detroit Club;
  • Gem Theatre;
  • Most of the rooms in the Masonic Temple; or
  • Any of a dozen or so other options.
All of these are facilities where chandeliers and flooring come standard. Plus, they also have ample access to restrooms, better acoustics and better climate control than a tent would ever offer - no matter how nice of tent it is.

Add in another $5,000 or so and you get valet parking for your guests. This, of course, becomes an issue when one sets up a tent in a parking lot; thereby depriving people of what would otherwise be the most convenient place for them to park.


I bet these guys will even be foolish enough to promote their event on Detroit's version of Metromix.


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