Kam & Kristen by Night Light

The good folks at Google Analytics tell me that the single most visited page on my blog is my Kam Carman experiment from this past March. 9 months later and it's still the most visited entry, bringing in close to 500 page hits every month.

In second place for the most traffic generating post is my commentary from a few weeks ago about Kristen Bell's interview in the December issue of Ambassador magazine.

The bronze medal, by the way, goes to my post about cool night lights from August of last year.

A part of me can't help but wonder: what would happen if I were to combine all of these things into one blog post? Would this blog actually explode from all of the traffic?

What if I were to write about a fictional evening in which Kam Carman tells Kristen Bell all of the nitty, gritty details of her divorce - from who cheated on who to the threats of lawsuits that Kam Carman used to keep the story quiet?

I doubt Kam Carman would ever divulge those details willingly. However, I'm sure that Kristen Bell's Veronica Mars character could get her to talk. If I were really lucky, I would figure out a way for a cool night light to find its way into that hypothetical conversation between Kam Carman and Kristen Bell - thereby completing the trifecta of Google Analytics goodness.

I know.

I know.

The problem with that scenario is that I would have to know all of the details about Kam Carman's divorce in order to write about them. I could take a certain amount of creative license and patch together the few details that I do know about it into one hypothetical post.

But I'm not that eager to get sued.

Oh, well. These are thing that I find myself thinking about as I watch the snow fall outside my window on a wintery December day.


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