RIP Bettie Page

Bettie Page passed away yesterday at the age of 85 after suffering a heat attack. She was an actress and model who completely comfortable in anything - from a ball gown to bondage gear - and made them all look incredibly sexy and sophisticated. She was an icon from the 1950s, who appeared in pin-up pages and Playboy.

She was a Christian who believed that God gave a beautiful body for a reason. She believed, therefore, that there was no shame in showing it off.

More than anything, Betty Page understood that "sexy" didn't have to mean "slutty" or "trashy". She made it into an art form. Britney Spears and several other modern pop stars could learn a few things from Ms. Page.

As such, she will be missed.


Liza said…
What a great tribute, Frank! Just think, this is the sort of clip that guys would play at stag parties and it would be considered, "racy!"

What I appreciate most about Ms. Page (in addition to her not being a blond kewpie doll) is that she's not tiny in an impossible way. Yes, she had great legs and a proportioned body, but it didn't look like she had starved herself for days to get into costume.

I think a woman who can enjoy the pleasures of all the senses, and not just the visual ones, is very sexy indeed.


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