Katherine Heigl Almost Flashes a Room Full of People

Darn you, Billy Bush!

I spent months on my diabolical plan to get the ever beautiful and talented Katherine Heigl to have an untimely wardrobe malfunction. My scheme was a most brilliant one, if I may say so myself.

I deviously discovered what kind of a dress Katherine Heigl was going to wear at the 2010 ShoWest Awards in Las Vegas last night several days ahead of time. I then had a specially designed copy of it made; one that would fall apart at just the right moment.

I finally flew to Las Vegas to substitute my "special" dress for her regular one. I almost got caught in Katherine Heigl's hotel room as I was making the switch. Regardless, I managed to pull it off.

I am, after all, a diabolical genius.

As I settled back to watch the fruits of my sinister labor, I knew that all was going perfectly with my evil plan. Katherine Heigl would soon have the nip slip of the century.

I even laughed my diabolical mad scientist laugh when Katherine Heigl's dress finally did start to fall apart as she was accepting her award for Female Star of the Year.

But then Billy Bush ruined everything.  He rushed in to hold up Katherine Heigl's dress for her and save her from flashing millions of people - myself included.

Darn you, Billy Bush. I shall have my revenge upon you yet.

Katherine Heigl Tries to Flash a Room Full of People and Other Compulsions - Katherine Heigl - Gawker


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