My Personal Shark Sub

I came across the Seabreacher X on-line. I really, really want one. It's a personal submarine that looks like a shark.

Seabreacher X Launches Itself Out of the Water
The Seabreacher X is capable of high speed dives and then breaching the surface; launching the entire vessel clear out of the water. It can travel at speeds of up 50 m.p.h. on the surface or 25 m.p.h. while submerged.

And I really, really want one of these bad boys. I can't but imagine how cool it would be to whip along the Detroit River in one.

By the way, if anyone would like to help me buy one of these things, I will promise you a ride in this thing, in return for a few bucks of your cash.


Dude, if I lived closer and had some spare $$$$, I'd be in on that quick. It does look like lots of fun. What depths is it capable of?
FrankNemecek said…
It can only go 25 ft. deep. Technically, one of my Navy vet friends told me, it's not really a submarine because there's a snorkel on the top fin that feed air into the engine. If it ever goes too deep for that snorkel to pull air in, the engine dies and the boat pops back up to the surface.

But it's still darn cool.

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