Good Bye, Playboy Club - For Now

When I first commented on The Playboy Club on this blog, I talked about how the frequent voice overs from Hugh Hefner provided one more level of distraction in an otherwise busy plotline. I recommended that they get rid of them and keep the focus on the club that he created; not the man who created them.

Rachel Nichols
Strangely enough, by the time the second episodes hit the airwaves, those voice overs were gone. My suspicion is that NBC decided to be cheap and aired the original version of the pilot, which always contains a few things that need to be tweaked. Thus, when the show got better, not enough people knew about it because a lot viewers gave up on the show after the first episode - or sometime even in the middle of the first episode.

I continue to think that if the writing was a bit tighter, the show could be a hit. Unfortunately, we won't get a chance to find our for certain anytime soon because NBC announced this afternoon that they were cancelling the show.

I have to admit that I'm disappointed. The show was getting better as it moved along. I really think that this could have been something special, if the network allowed it to continue.

Oh, well - if I'm lucky, one of the cable networks will pick the show up and run with it.

And if I'm really, really lucky, that network will cast Rachel Nichols or Keira Knightley in this re-launched show. They bring just the right personality to balance some of the current version's rough edges.

Update: I didn't realize this until after I had published this post. However, it turns out that this was my 1,000th post on this blog. I'm just glad that this milestone included the words "Playboy", "Rachel Nichols", and "Keira Knightley."


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