For My Fans

One of my ex-girlfriends currently works as a nurse in the Georgia Department of Corrections. Reportedly, she showed my blog to some of the corrections officers that she works with and they loved my solar bra post. They even loved the strip club post that showed up over on D-Tales.

So, in honor of my new found fans who proudly enforce the law from the inside, I give you another amusing video that I found on-line. I didn't make it - but I really wish I did.

It's a woman getting undressed by a bulldozer - yet another one of those things that I would have never believed could happen if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes.

Bulldozer Undresses Woman


Liza said…
Ok, so what does it say about your blog when I immediate thought of it when I saw this:
"Zack and Miri Make a Porno" Is this what casting is really like? LOL

Hope all is well with you!


PS -
This is a "teaser," - none of this footage will actually be in the movie itself, thought I am sure there will be plenty of stuff like this on the DVD.

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