Solar Bra Means Heart-Felt Conservation

I have always been fascinated by women's breasts. From the modest cleavage of Keira Knightley or Kristen Bell to the more ample endowment of Mélissa Theuriau or Jessica Alba, there's just something about them that attracts my attention.

I suppose that's why, when I heard about the new solar bra that was unveiled in Tokyo, I couldn't help but pay attention to it. This bra is embedded with solar panels that will actually generate electricity as they are exposed to sun light.

The most obvious downside to this is that those solar panels won't work when they're covered by other articles of clothing. As a result, this is really more one of those products that is intended to prompt discussion about renewable energy and seeing potential in every day things than an actual source of electrical energy.

Of course, it does also demonstrate the power of cleavage.


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