Prince William Addresses Helicopter Controversy

Prince William has been lambasted by the British news media for using a military helicopter for personal use, such as showing off for his girlfriend Kate Middleton by landing a Boeing CH-47 Chinock helicopter in the field behind her family's home. He also used one to visit a community center in Penygraig, Wales.

He is currently a flight officer in the Royal Air Force. Officially, he is trying to accumimlate as many hours in the cockpit as he can as he is still working on his pilot's license and this is why he is flying so often.

This, of course, has not stopped anyone in the British media from accusing him of just wasting money, as People magazine points out.

Quite frankly, I can't say that I blame Prince William for this - even if he is purely joy riding at taxpayers' expense. I mean, just look at this thing.

If I had access to a Chinock helicopter, I would fly that thing everywhere.

I would hover just a few feet off the ground and become the first person to go through the drive-thru line at Taco Bell in a Chinock.

And God help them if they forgot my fire sauce!


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