If the Universe is Granting Wishes...

The universe has this weird habit of sending me things that I ask for. Some of those things have been chronicled on this blog.

This past July, when I got my new hearing aid, I quietly said that I wanted to go to rock concert - just to hear how things were supposed to sound. A few hours later, I was rocking it out with Mitch Ryder and Mark Farner, formerly of the Grand Funk Railroad.

A few weeks later, I posted about how the song "Next Ex-Girlfriend" by Bowling for Soup perfectly described my feelings at that moment about the fairer sex and how I just wanted to find my next ex-girlfriend. Almost on cue, the universe delivered a woman to me who was perfectly qualified to be just that - my next ex-girlfriend.

Now that my most recent ex-girlfriend is out of the way, I find myself thinking more and more about what it is that I'm looking for in a life partner. More importantly, since so many of these things that I wish are granted, I figure that I ought to post it here - almost as an experiment, if you will.

The best way to explain what I'm looking for is something that Patti Stanger once said. She is the host of Millionaire Matchmaker on Bravo.

I only rarely watch the show. However, on its very first episode, she explained that every man secretly dreams of a wife who is essentially a combination of three women.
  1. Martha Stewart in the kitchen;
  2. Mary Poppins in the nursery; and
  3. Madonna in the bedroom.
So, yeah...

If the universe could introduce me to such a woman, I'd be really, really happy.


JB3 said…
I'm curious if the universe could make two of those.

I wonder what three men a woman would combine to make the perfect man.
Liza said…
I am pretty sure there are way more than two of us walking around - you just have to find the single ones who aren't psychotic (or have a warrant out for their arrest) ;)

I think a woman wants to be made to feel as though she is all of those three women: an independent thinker in charge of her own destiny, a caring and creative nurturer and so completely desirable that those extra 15 pounds don't matter.

As for a woman's three men to make the one perfect man?
1. The one that got away
2. The one she'd never thought would notice her
3. The one who isn't afraid - of her baggage, his baggage, the FUTURE, spiders, things that go bump in the night, etc.

FrankNemecek said…
That doesn't have a warrant out for their arrest is SUCH a deal breaker.

Love & laughter,

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