Olivan Munn Wants Elephants to Be Free

Olivia Munn, of Iron Man 2 and Attack of the Show fame, has posed in the nude as part of new PETA advertising campaign. The ads encourage consumers to boycott the circus in support of elephants.

There are several thoughts come to mind as see these ads and read the coverage surrounding them.

First, on a serious note, I'm well aware that circuses do have an established track record of mistreating elephants. This isn't just isolated incidents, but there is a clear pattern of abuse. One can find an overview of the issue on-line here.

I applaud Olivia Munn for taking a stand on an issue that she believes in.

As a gentleman pervert, I also want to go on record as supporting any cause that inspires Olivia Munn to get naked. If this fact makes me a pervert, and it almost certainly does, then I will wear that distinction with pride.

However, I have to admit that I almost fell out of my chair from laughing so hard as I read Dan Hopper's commentary on Olivia Munn's campaign and circus elephants in general. One can find his remarks over at The Best Week Ever.

I also want to thank everyone at PETA for bringing a naked Olivia Munn into my life.

Thank you for doing this, Olivia Munn. Thank you.


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