Tea Party to Party in Northern Michigan

I heard some great news this evening. Hordes of people will soon descend on Northern Michigan, spending vast quantities of money.

Granted, these people will be out of town Tea Party activists, trying to convince people in Congressman Bart Stupak's district that he "sold out." They'll claim that he betrayed his promise to block any health care bill that provides federal funding for abortions.

I've spent some time in Mr. Stupak's Northern Michigan district. There are a lot of smart, sensible people up there. They won't allow one pundit or another to make up their mind for them. I'm sure a fair number of them will actually take the time to read the health care bill to see for themselves that there's nothing it that provides funding for abortions.

Mr. Stupak will be fine and his constituents will be grateful for all of the out of town idiots spending money in Northern Michigan.

Tea Party group attacks Stupak in ad campaign | Detroit Free Press


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