Ads with Melissa Theuriau

I've been seeing Melissa Theuriau's face in a lot of advertisements as of late.

Normally, I would be thrilled by this. I mean, who wouldn't want to see Melissa Theuriau on a regular basis?

The thing is, these ads aren't ones that use licensed photographs of her. There are literally hundreds of screen grabs of Melissa Theuriau available on-line from her time as an anchor on M6, which is a French cable network.

One of ads in question is above. It clearly uses one of the screen grabs of Melissa Theuriau that I also found on-line.

Rather than license these images, or hire a model and photographer so they can create their images, these companies simply grab some of these other images. One would presume that a network in France is less likely than others to notice copyright infringement for ads that are primarily viewed in North America.

However, one has to wonder about the credibility of companies that would steal content like this.


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