Hooters Waitress Files Lawsuit Over Weight

There are moments when I'm actually flabbergasted by something that I see. This is one of them.

Cassandra Smith is a Hooters waitress out in Macomb County. She was disciplined and placed on a "weight probation" at her work.

And how much does she weigh?

She is 5' 8" and weighs 132.5 lbs. Most medical guidelines suggest that a small framed woman of that height should weigh approximately 129 - 142 lbs. Not only is Cassandra Smith well within medical guidelines, she's actually on the low side of the spectrum.

The folks at Hooters were just plain stupid for disciplining her in this case. If she was somewhere north of 150 lbs. then one could make an argument that she doesn't fit a healthy image. However, that simply isn't the case here.


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