Debbie Schlussel Has Lost Her Mind

This past Sunday, Rima Fakih of Dearborn became Miss USA 2010 at a pageant in Las Vegas, becoming the first Arab American and the first Muslim to do so. Within seconds of Ms. Fakih receiving her crown, all of the brain cells in Debbie Schlussel's head evidentially exploded.

Within the past forty eight hours, Debbie Schlussel has authored five blog posts on her web site that made derogatory accusations about Rima Fakih. With the exception of the one where she discussed Ms. Fakih's moment of pole dancing three years ago, none of her accusations have had a single shred of credible evidence presented to back them up.

Debbie Schlussel, for example, accused Rima Fakih of supporting Hezbollah. However, she did not present anything to back that allegation up beyond the fact that she is a) Muslim and b) was born in a part of Lebanon where Hezbollah is quite active.

One should, therefore, point out that Debbie Schlussel lives in a part of the country where a pedophile ring once operated. I guess that means that, by her own standards, Debbie Schlussel is a pedophile and should be treated accordingly.

If Rima Fakih had made a statement where she said that she supported Hezbollah then one could honestly say that she is a Hezbollah supporter. However, in the absence of some kind of evidence, it is simply wrong for Debbie Schlussel or anyone else to make such an accusation.

Rima Fakih mentioned in an interview that she intends to attend law school after she completes her tour as Miss USA. If I were her, I would get started on a legal career by filing a libel suit against Debbie Schlussel.

Of course, Debbie Schlussel doesn't have anything to worry about from such a law suit. She has all that money she made from selling child pornography to pay off a settlement.


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