Wondering About the Beauty Queens

The Detroit area has produced two major beauty queens in recent years. First, there was Miss America 2008 Kirsten Haglund of Farmington Hills. She was recently followed by Rima Fakih, Miss USA 2010, from Dearborn.

With this many beauty queens in the Detroit area, I can't help but wonder how they stack up against one another. In particular, I find myself wondering which one of them would win a wrestling match. Would Kirsten Haglund emerge from the ring victorious or would it be Rima Fakih?

I know that I'm probably a pervert for even contemplating this. Regardless, these are the thoughts that occupy my mind on a Saturday afternoon.

Kirsten Haglund and Rima Fakih are nothing if not evenly matched. Both of them are 5'8" tall, according to their respective Wikipedia pages. Their weight and arm length are almost identical.

Kirsten Haglund and Rima Fakih also have that same bad ass attitude that is a part of every woman from the Detroit area. Both of them would be well served by that in any hypothetical wrestling match.

Also, both Kirsten Haglund and Rima Fakih have that same strong desire to win. It propelled them to victory in their respective pageants. It would also be essential for victory in the square circle.

Kirsten Haglund and Rima Fakih are, quite simply, two of the most well match opponents who have never met each other in a match. Unfortunately, since it seems unlikely that they will ever cross paths, I may never know who would defeat the other.

The one winner that I can confidently predict, however, would be any man lucky enough to see such a wrestling match take place.


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