Confessions Of An Editor

I have an idea for a movie. It's called Confessions Of An Editor.

It starts when this established editor meets a young, out-of-work writer with loads of talent that she isn't using. He decides to take her under his proverbial wing.

In between cocktails, because our editor is a prolific drinker, he offers suggestions on how she can establish a freelance writing career for herself. He also introduces her to the people who care hire her.

All seems well until this writer falls madly in love with a young man. They date briefly, but he ultimately rejects her affections.

The writer, of course, is devastated by this rejection. Eventually, the writer and editor start seeing each other socially. There's no romance between them. Instead, it's more of an on-going companionship.

Things, however, take a dramatic turn when the writer reveals that she has been having anxiety issues. She tells the editor that she has these intense panic attacks whenever she sees her ex-boyfriend or anything that reminds her of him. She also tells him that she's been having nightmares almost every night for quite some time.

The editor is concerned by this news. He suggests that she seek professional help. He hands her name and telephone number of a local psychologist who specializes in helping people like this writer.

Our writer initially promises to seek help, but never does. Instead, she begins lying to the editor about stupid things. She also insults him constantly and berates him for offering to help.

This goes on for months. Finally, the editor decides that he can't take it anymore. He tells her that he adores her, but simply can't continue to put up with her verbal abuse any longer.

At this point, the writer stops talking to the editor. Her freelance writing career continues with great success. No one but her former editor knows about her problems.

She eventually meets a group of students at a local college to produce a short film to tell everyone her side of the story that's called Confessions Of A Writer. She conspicuously leaves out any references to the lies or insults that she subjected her editor to as well as her own mental health issues.

The writer's ex-boyfriend marries another woman at the end of my movie. He then moves with his new bride to Belgium where they will live happily ever after.

The editor occasionally misses his former protege. After all, she has an enormous amount of talent and is fun to hang out with - at least when she wasn't insulting him. Mostly, though, he just feels sorry for whoever she digs her claws into next.

As the credits begin to roll, the editor...

Oh, who am I kidding?

Who would ever believe a story like this?

Never mind.


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