Making $1.3 Million at the Strip Club

A man in south Florida man collected $650,000 in an out of court settlement after he was accidentally kicked in the head by an exotic dancer at a local strip club. The incident did result in him having long-term vision problems. However, he still made $650,000 at a strip club.

I have two eyes that could be damaged. Theoretically.

This means that if I keep visiting strip clubs, I have the potential to earn $1.3 million. And, in a "worst case scenario", I don't get kicked in the head, don't suffer vision problems, and I've still spent an impressive amount of time in a strip club.


You could complain of a disorder that causes you to compare all women to the ones in the clubs. Because all the regular women fail to live up to their standards, it's estimated, theoretically, that you'll spend unnecessary years alone, lonely, and not adding to the taxable marriage column our government thrives on, and, because of the unrealistic standards set by said clubs, you feel you've been duped, hoodwinked, or bamboozled and seek compensation.

Please remember me when you settle!

Dang, that was a long sentence!
FrankNemecek said…
OMG! I'm send that to every attorney that I know. If ever do collect a penny from it, you're getting at least half of it.

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