My Sinister Mind

I had to visit the Coleman A. Young Municipal Center this afternoon. This, for my friends outside for the Detroit area, is essentially Detroit's city hall.

While there, I couldn't help but notice this sign posted at the entrance.

Banned from City Hall
The interesting fact is, when I saw this sign, I immediately started to think of things that aren't on the list, but that could still be dangerous. For example, baseball bats are prohibited from city hall. Rugby bats, however, are not on that list.

There's a part of me, therefore, that is seriously tempted to try bringing a rugby bat into city hall - just to see what will happen.

I am sinister, if not outright evil, for pondering this.

Of course, I'm also nostalgic for the days when one could bring almost any of those items into city hall - or any other government building, for that matter. I guess this is the first sign that I'm getting old.


Hat pins. Bic pens (remember Jason Bourne?). Chop sticks. Kabob sticks. Toothpicks. A ninja. Sewing needles. Spray perfume. Glass shards. Knitting needles. A bottle of water and a seeing eye cat. Magnifying glass. A fork. Rat poison. A heart med pill. A heart med patch. A dirty diaper. A fruit cake. Okay, I'll stop! :P

You're not sinister. You're an innocent. I have red neck relatives....I learn a lot from them ;}
Crap!!!! I didn't see the "needles of any kind" or the metal utensils. What about a spork?
FrankNemecek said…
LMAO! I love how you added a fruit cake to that list.

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