27 Slippery Nipples

The guys from Iron Maiden were in Norway recently. While there, they did an impressive amount of drinking - even by rock star standards.

Iron Maiden racked up a $3,275 bar tab in one night.

Iron Maiden - Partying Like Rock Stars

I particularly fond of the fact that they ordered 27 slippery nipples. Of course, I think that's partly because I think it's fun to say, "27 slippery nipples."


Party Time! Actually, when I was a barmaid, I used to make slippery nipples too. I will genuflect to my Iron Maiden poster when I get home.
FrankNemecek said…
The fact that you have an Iron Maiden poster in your home only elavates your coolness.
Hmmmm, I've had peach schnapps in fuzzy navels...don't know about Irish creme....is it very sweet?
FrankNemecek said…
It's a little sweet, but not a lot.

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