My IQ Holly-Dropped

Holly Madison Killed My IQ
I spent a minute or so watching Holly's World with Holly Madison on E! I was flipping through channels, saw lots of blonde hair and cleavage, and I got sucked in. It took at least 60 seconds for me to realize how truly bad that show was.

In that brief time period, I believe that my IQ dropped at least 20 points. Holly Madison, I'm afraid, killed my brain.


It only took 60 seconds? Not bad! I know people that will sit through the most dreadful drivel for 30 minutes...apparently loosing brain cells by the bucket load...all for a pretty girl. Hmmmm, we DO have the power!!! Muahahahahaahahah!!!! ;}
FrankNemecek said…
Yes, women have the power.

Please promise to use it only for good, though.

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