The Boss from Hell

I've had one or two bosses throughout the years who I have wanted to strangle. I've heard of unique ways of retaliating against them. However, this one takes the proverbial cake.

This young woman, known only as Jenny, quit her job through a series of 33 digital photographs that she emailed to everyone in her office. They are hysterical.

Jenny Quits Her Job (1 of 33 photos)
I hope this young woman finds a new, and much better job, very soon. She deserves it.

The entire series is available here.


A brave girl. Her next employer will hear of it, of course, unless she omits the job from her CV. I nearly quit today, but one has to live, and some of us have to be very careful of our work records!
That was awesome, but I agree-it could come back to haunt her. Still, I got to admire her spunk!

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