Getting Married?

One of my married female friends declared this evening that her new "hobby" is getting me married. She is evidentially quite eager to become a godmother.

On a scale of 1 -10, how scared should I be?


That's a 10. Whatever you do, don't do it!
If this isn't someone who knows you REALLY WELL, I'd be shaking in my shoes. On the other hand, despite all the naysayers, there is much to be said for taking that particular plunge. I swore, my hand on the Bible, that I'd never re-marry. It would take an act of God! Hahahaha on me-it did and here I am, nine years later, still wonderfully happy. Don't run from it. But don't try to chase it down, either! *Hee-I'd love to hide and watch the next few months! :)
FrankNemecek said…
That was my first thought. However, Words is starting to make me re-think this.

Oh, she knows me quite well. She was my first real girlfriend in high school and the first girl I ever kissed.

As for hiding and watching, well, I'll have to blog about it and include lots of video so that you can do just that.
Stella said…
You don't need to be scared of getting married, it's easy!

STAYING married is not as easy. :)

I think you have a lot to offer, don't settle for anything but the best!
As long as the vids aren't R rated! LOL!!! And, though I only know you from your blog and your vids, I agree with Stella-so don't settle!

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