Boobs: The Most Popular Force in the World

Missy Robinson Has Boobs
I post videos periodically on my neighborhood blog. I posted here a couple of months ago about how a short video about kids playing a fire hydrant got more views than almost any other video I had ever done.

The fact of the matter is that people seem to like watch kids playing and having fun.

However, as much as people seem to like watching kids playing in the water and having fun, it would appear that there is something that they enjoy even more.

My video about the bikini car wash that a local bar had recently has gotten more views in the past two weeks that the kids playing in a fire hydrant one has gotten in a little over three months. From this, I can only conclude that boobs are more effective at attracting attention than kids playing.

Rachel Nichols Has Boobs, Too
In fact, it seems to me that boobs very well may be the most powerful force in the world. They are just that far reaching in their influence.

Boobs obviously attracted viewers to my videos.

Boobs must've attracted people to the local bar or else they management wouldn't have done it.

These two things clearly establish the economic powerhouse that boobs truly are. Breasts are so strong that they don't even need a stimulus package, unless one wants to count the one from Victoria's Secret.

But I digress.

Sienna Miller Also Has Boobs
Not to be outdone by any of these things, boobs also deliver life sustaining nourishment to tiny children. Children who, I might add, may one day grow up to play in a fire hydrant and/or visit a future bikini car wash.

Yes, indeed. This experience has clearly convinced me that boobs are the most powerful force in the world.

It's a boob, boob world.


You just now figured that out? Let me tell you, I know dozens of two and three year olds that LOVE some boobs, and not for nourishment!!! The boys AND the girls! When they want our attention, that's the only place their little hands can find to touch us, even if they have to stand on their little toes and hang on to a friend. Too, we have 'work' shirts (optional) that are embroidered with a boy and a girl on the left where a pocked would be. Every single day, the kids want to touch the embroidery and ask who the kids are, rub them, and so on...yep. Boobs. They pretty much rule the world.
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See!!!! Blogger agrees with me-it posted my reply twice!!!! hahahahahaha :P
FrankNemecek said…
Well, you have two boobs. It only makes since for Blogger to post your comment twice, now doesn't it?

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