Saturday, August 21, 2010

Best iPod Docking Station Ever

I was at a part last night and saw what, in my opinion, has to be the best iPod docking station ever.


Best iPod Docking Station Ever

The lighting is bad - and I took this photo with my Blackberry - so the image quality is certainly not the best. However, you can still see the basics of this set-up. It's a lingerie mannequin that is being used as a iPod docking station.

The iPod itself rests comfortably in the panties. From there, there is a cord that connects the iPod to a set of external speakers, which are sitting on an adjacent table. I suppose it would have been even more awesome if the mannequin had been wired internally such that those speakers were instead located inside of the mannequin's breasts. However, I suppose that's a potential upgrade for the next generation model of this invention.

There isn't an option for charging an iPod while it's inside of the lingerie docking station. However, I suppose it would be fairly simple to run a cord from the backside of this mannequin, along the underside of its groin, and connect it to the iPod as it sits in those panties.

Lingerie mannequins: quite possibly the greatest iPod docking stations ever.


The Words Crafter said...

That's interesting, though I think it would make more sense on a bikini than a pair of panties. I can just see a multitude of guys wanting to check out what the lady is listening to....but what if she's "crabby?" eeewwww.....

The only other drawback I can think of, is if they put this on bikini bottoms, the bottoms would have to be a bit more than a string....tiny string or iPod dock....hmmmmm.

FrankNemecek said...

Well, I don't think mannequins ever get "crabby". I'm not too worried about that problem.

As for lingerie vs. bikini, well, I'll just have to do some experimenting.