Obama Goes Swimming

President Barack Obama and his daughter, Sasha swim at Alligator Point in Panama City Beach, Fla., Saturday, Aug.14, 2010. The President traveled to Panama City Beach with First Lady Michelle Obama and Sasha to meet with local business owners and officials and to encourage Americans to travel to the Gulf Coast beaches.

President Obama and daughter Sasha swim in Gulf of Mexico

The thing is, as I look at this photograph, I can't help but wonder: how many Navy SEALS are lurking beneath the surface as part of a protective detail?

Every President travels with an amazing level of security around him. President Obama is, of course, no different.

And that just makes me wonder about what's beneath the surface in the photo that much more.


George Dub-ya, Hilary, all the people who voted for him, all the people who didn't vote for him....take your pick :P (Sorry, I'm in S. A. mode today and I'm behaving. I almost went in another direction and I'll leave it to your imagination)

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