Thursday, September 09, 2010

Beer and Boobs Cure Writer's Block

I've written a script for a feature-length science fiction film entitled The Roswell Chronicles. The whole thing is supposed to be a trilogy about this family that finds themselves caught between a greedy corporation and some pissed off aliens.

Anyway, I'm working with some folks to get this movie made. I mention that I always envisioned it as a trilogy.  They ask to see a summary of the next two scripts.

Strippers Cure Writer's Block
I say, "No problem.  I can have a one page summary of each to you by Monday."

Well, here's the problem: I had a general concept of how each film would play, but I didn't have any of the details worked out. I was confident that I could deliver them, which is why I said that, but I didn't have it.

Anyway, as I started to write these summaries, I immediately developed the worst case of writer's block imaginable. If it had happened to anyone else, I would say that it was funny.

Well, long story short, in an act of desperation, I went to the one place where my mind has always relaxed - my local strip club. I settled into a dimly lit booth with a pen and paper, ordered a beer, and started writing.

The surprising thing is that it worked. My writer's block slipped away. I was able to draft the entire first act for my second film, as well as decent chunk of the second act, in an afternoon. I could've continued writing and finished the second act, but I had a meeting this evening that I had to attend.

There is something about the way the black lights illuminate a page that simply inspires me to write a science fiction piece. Plus, the entire atmosphere of such a place is geared towards relaxing one's mind. Of course, I simply love telling people telling people that beer and boobs can cure writer's block.

The thing that I truly wonder about is, since this has been so good at helping me write, can I deduct my bar tab from this afternoon on my taxes?


The Words Crafter said...

This cracked me up, but I think you have a point. Actually, two. Anyplace that can relax your mind is a good place to write. Therefore, number two, I think you SHOULD be able to deduct it from your taxes!

On the flip side, Orlando Bloom, Gerrard Butler, Russell Crow....they're pretty good for me!

FrankNemecek said...


Is there a place where one can see Orlando Bloom, Gerrard Butler, and Russell Crow in the flesh?

We might have to create it. We could even call it Man Candyland.

The Words Crafter said...

Hahahahaha.....that's a GREAT're a genius!!!

FrankNemecek said...

If I'm a genius, you're my muse.