Sabraine Banado Goes 3-D

I love the British.

Americans created 3-D technology for movies. Brits put it to use for what is clearly its highest purpose - billboards for the Wonderbra.

Sabraine Banado Goes 3-D
Sabraine Banado is the Brazilian model who graces this 20 foot wide billboard near the Waterloo station in London. One needs special glasses to experience "the full effect" of this advert. However, even a blind man can see its intended purpose.

I want to thank all the folks at Wonderbra for taking Sabraine Banado and wonders of 3-D technology to a whole new level. I also want to express my amazement at the skill of British drivers. I'm amazed that there haven't been more traffic accidents in London today.

Of course, I should also express my appreciation for the fact that they went with Sabraine Banado for this one and not Heidi Montag. With her fake boobs, they would've needed to rent a second billboard.


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