I do freelance writing and video work to pay my bills. It's a lot better than anything I've ever experienced in the corporate world.

I had one particular project for a certain client who shall remain nameless.  I gave them my first draft of the project. They sent it back to me and requested a multitude of changes, most of which I thought were a bad idea.

I Bill By The Hour...
I reminded my client that I work for them and will do whatever they tell me to do. However, I simply didn't think their requested changes were a good idea. I, of course, went on to explain why I thought this to be the case, in the most professional and diplomatic language I could muster.

Sidenote: I've learned over the years that calling a client an idiot - even when it's 100% warranted - is never a good idea.

Anyway, I presented my client with a new version that was exactly what they asked for. They showed it around to a few people and a couple of days later, I got a request for another round of changes.

The third round of changes, by the way, took the project back to almost exactly what I had even given them in my first draft. At that point, I simply began repeating the Freelancer's Prayer for Serenity over and over.

I am billing these people by the hour.

I am billing these people by the hour.

I am billing these people by the hour.

Anyway, I just sent them the final product along with my invoice. I haven't eaten lunch yet. I think I'll have steak today.


Steffanie said…
Right now I'm the client, putting the agency through the exact same thing. Why? Because a boss always has some great idea of how he could make it better. Then he sees his version and realizes it sucks. At lest they have the smarts to realize the first version was better, and to ask you to change it back. And, at least you have the smarts to bill by the hour.
FrankNemecek said…
Interesting thing about the "smarts to realize the first version was better", they actually suggested that the third version was their version. I refrained from pointing out its shocking similarity to the first version, because I've been a freelancer long enough to know that's a bad idea.
And this is why I deal with small children! You're much nicer than I would be. It's why my husband handles all the bills. I got tired of cursing out stupid people and of watching my husband roll on the floor laughing at my raging profanity. (Usually said under my breath as I was waiting on hold....for the umpteenth time....
FrankNemecek said…
Sometimes, though, the difference between dealing with clients and small children is that both of them need a nap time, but one of them doesn't get it.

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