I Thought I Was Bad

I lost my car keys last weekend while I was at a movie theater. I eventually found them on the floor near my seat. I thought that was bad.

But then I heard about Google Maps.

They managed to lose an entire city in Florida. Specifically, they managed to lose the city of Sunrise, Florida, which is home to more than 90,000 people.

I would like to thank everyone at Google Maps. With this one act of ineptitude, you managed to make me feel a lot better about losing my car keys.


Huh. Sometimes I lose things that are in my hand. I've even lost a lens out of a pair of sunglasses. While wearing them. And didn't know it. I smiled at people all the way out of the (large)store-hey, they were all smiling at me!

It wasn't until I was nearly home, about 15 miles away, that I looked in the rearview and was mortified.

But I've never lost a city before.

give me time......
FrankNemecek said…
If you ever do manage to lose an entire city, well, can you make it Lansing, Michigan?

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